Healing Hands Pakistan

Healing Hands Ministry – Pakistan
Pastor Musktaqer – Location: Faisalabad City

Tree of Life Fellowship – Pakistan, is an extension of Tree of Life Outreach,
and Pastor Sikander Shahzad is our representative in Pakistan.
His phone number is: 00923037393100
Email: treeoflifefellowshippak@yahoo.com

Pastor Musktaq is also an evangelist, preaching the Gospel to local towns and villages, and also hold large meetings & rally’s where large numbers of people hear the Work of God. They have a large children’s ministry and they seek to provide food for the kids, all from poor family’s where food is scarce. Providing Bibles in their own language is a big part of their outreach, and more Bible are urgently needed.

They currently have 100 home churches in different locations in remote areas and in slum areas and Villages, and their congregation on Sunday included about 130 people. Each home Bible study has between 20 – 25 attendee’s depending on the size of the home.

They are already working projects that include an orphan’s ministry, formal education for children, providing food to hungry kids, evangelism, small Bible Schools.

but as you know we have not good resources to achieve my goal. Me and my team we are emphasizing on those projects, and praying to Lord to open doors for our needs so that we can achieve our task.

Our Ministry Goals is to help up to 2000 needy kids and orphans with food, formal education, Sunday School Material, evangelism and to provide Holy Bibles to New Believers, plus literature, and to plant 500 new small Bible Schools if different locations.

Current Activities With Tree of Life Outreach:
Occasional Online Bible Study

Current Needs:
They need financial resources to achieve their goal, including the purchase of Bibles, food, Sunday school supplies, rent and other expenses of the ministry. They have a current need for a desk and chair.

If you would like to sponsor one or more of these items, the monthly maintenance or make a one-time donation to them, please send your check to:

Tree of Life
88 Florida Ave.
Commack, NY 11725
Mark it “Healing Hands Ministry – Pakistan”

A young girl in Pakistan woke up in the middle of the night when someone was cutting into her neck, as if trying to behead her. She is a Christian! This ministry rushed her to the hospital and the doctors were able to fix the wound which she remained in the hospital for some days.

She lives alone with her single, poor mother who works constantly just to get bare necessities. Some generous donors, through “Tree of Life Outreach”, were able to send her $300.00 to help the struggling family.

This video is of the Mom thanking us for helping her. You will not be able to understand what she is saying, but the look on her face says it all.