Jesus Kid’s Ministry – Pakistan

Pastor Naqash Gill (Wishal Prince)

We have Mission of our Lord Jesus Christ Help little kids we love to work for Street, Orphan, Needy and Disabled kids we love to Teach them all the words of God we have Three Sunday Bible School and one child Care center where kids are getting the love of God and Blessings of Jesus Christ we love to Promote kids as Jesus Christ said Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” we love you all and Thanks for you all are doing help us in this great Mission of Jesus Christ amen.

Current Needs: Bibles, food, medical supplies, clothing, and education for the children, land & a building for a school.

Current Activities With Tree of Life Outreach: Weekly Bible Studies in Saturday mornings

Jesus Kids Ministries Pakistan realized the need of the people and has studied some of the areas in the city of Toba Tek Singh and its adjoining areas. It has been seen that illiterate, poor people in villages and remote areas are misled by the so-called pastors and Muslim extremists.

The so called pastors held responsible poor people for their miseries and poverty while Muslim preachers or evangelists try to convince the poor Christians if they shall become Muslim their economic problems shall be solved and they shall be accepted socially. But even then large numbers of Christians are strong in their faith despite the day to day discrimination and hate based attitude they proclaim their faith among the vast Muslim majority in the country which has so many clauses in the state constitution & laws. But the draw back of the situation is that poor people are forced to spend their most of the time in earning their livelihood and they cannot pay their attention towards faith based basic education. Most of the people are tenant, daily wage workers with no basic human rights, women work in the fields and they are paid less than men and their working hours are longer than men.

JKP has a call to respond in this situation. JKP has developed relationship with Christians in the areas where the there is much need to share the word of God. Ten areas have been identified where DI can start work with children (age 5-15) through Sunday Schools.

Proposed Program
In ten identified areas Sunday school shall be started involving local community. The community shall be responsible to give place for the Sunday Schools. It could be a room where 35 to 40 children can be adjusted for few hours every Sunday. They shall be taught basics of their faith through Child Friendly Methods, games, songs, simulations, picture stories, role play etc. Who shall be helping children in Sunday Schools?

It has been observed in each area there are poor young boys and girls who have completed their schooling but do not have enough resources to get college or any other professional education. The committed and envisioned volunteers shall be invited to help the children. They shall be given opportunity to get training to work in Sunday Schools. JKP shall make a commitment to work in Sunday Schools and JKP shall help them in their college education. There are two kinds of college education one regular and the other one is distance learning. Regular education is expensive.

JKP would be more interested in taking people prefer distance learning as the second phase of Sunday Schools would be having classes twice a week later thrice a week and then at least 5 days a week followed by targeting families and the whole community. The community’s involvement shall be ensured in Sunday Schools. Each Sunday prayer service and Bible reflection shall be conducted with the different groups.