My Thoughts On MLK

I was born in 1944 and grew up in the 50’s and 60’s,  during the height of the Civil Rights Movement.  There was something about Martin Luther King in the news almost daily.  I remember his massive rally in Washington DC and the Freedom Marches.
    I remember segregation,  the KKK,  church burnings, lynchings, and all the other horrors of that era.  The images on the black & white TV screen of the police turning water hoses and attack dogs on peaceful protesters,  and beating them with night sticks is indelibly etched in my mind.  I had never witnessed anything like that ere in New York,  so it was confusing and disturbing to see that kind of hatred.  It was painfully obvious,  even to a young kid from Brooklyn,  that there was something very evil in society and the hearts of men.

MLK was a good man,  by our standards, with flaws, just like the rest of us. He had a dream and a vision for his people, of a world where all men were brothers and treated equal. A nobel dream for sure, but one that was and is unachievable!

It is unachievable because the root cause of inequality and all other human, social ills is something the Bible calls “sin”! Sin is a condition that all humans possess and struggle with, and as long as that is the case, the dream of MLK cannot come to fruition, no matter how hard we try or how good our intentions.
You can’t achieve equality and social justice through laws and demands,  because the cannot change the human condition ro a sinful heart.  MLK’s dream can only become reality through Jesus, the one who removes sin from all that decide to follow Him, and allow Him to change their hearts. 
The time is soon coming when Jesus, “the Prince of Peace” will return, and along with His glorious return will be the fulfillment of the society that MLK envisioned.
Social reform, marching and protest is not the answer. Jesus is the only answer!
Pastor Ron Cusano