Post-Election Blues

Yesterday was “election day” and today we see the winners and the losers.  Many Christians are not happy about the results.  In fact some of quite upset.  The last several years have been very dramatic politically and feelings and emotions have been running high.  There is fight,  arguing  and name calling.  We have never been so divided.  It is not hard to get caught up in the drama and debate,  sometimes to excess.  I admit to having been there myself.

During these very prophetic times we are living in,  we see society,  our country and the world rapidly decaying politically, morally and spiritually,  and we feel a need to speak truth in the hope that we can make a difference.  But can we?

Most students of scripture believe that this is the generation that will see the culmination of all the expected prophetic events of the “Last Day’s“,  and the return of the Lord Jesus to planet earth.  Me included.  I believe that there is strong scriptural evidence to support this view.  If that is correct,  then we should expect to see a continued slide on the slippery slope into the abyss.  And we are,  and it will be evident in politics and elections.  Expect it!

We should expect to see those that support removing God from society,  abortion,  the homosexual agenda,  removal of our constitutional rights,  socialism and the like,  gaining more traction in our country and the world.  That is setting the stage for the soon coming “Last Day’s” one-world government,  one-world religious system, the anti-christ and the false prophet.  We can see all the pieces of the prophetic puzzle neatly fitting together on the world stage as we speak.

Of course,  we need to keep speaking out and vote for those that at least claim to represent our Christian world views,  but be aware that any positive change is just temporary,  an illusion,  because conditions will continue to go downhill rapidly.  I believe that we are past the point of no return and the prophetic time clock is ticking.  Keep your eye on Israel and the Middle East.  They are God’s prophetic hourglass and ground zero for what is soon to come.

But be encouraged that God has this all under control,  and things are going according to His divine plan.  Read the book . . .  in the end WE WIN!  Scripture admonishes us to “be aware”  and to “wait”.  Information about prophecy was not given to scare us ot for interesting speculation and conversation.  It was given so that we could be prepared,  understand what is taking place,  and redeem the time by being about our Father’s business.

“Today is the day of salvation”,  and today is the day we need to share that with those God puts in our path.  Time is quickly running out.

Pastor Ron