Reflection & Wisdom


As those of you who follow my blog and posts on Facebook know,  I have been very sick for the last few weeks.  I spent a week in the hospital with COPD and am now home recovering,  but still quite sick.  This was not in my plans,  but apparently God had other plans for me.  It is interesting how God can stop you in your tracks!  I believe that He thought I needed to slow down and do some reflecting on life,  ministry and Him!

While in the hospital,  it gave me a lot of free time to do some deep Bible study,  especially in the prophets, and about what we see taking place in the world today!  It also was a strong reminder that what is going to happen,  is going to happen,  with or without me here.  I am not all that important,  except in my own mind sometimes!

For a time I thought that perhaps God was going to call me home  He may yet!  I don’t really know.  While considering that,  I reflected back on all the things I felt were so important during my life.  Things like family,  friends,  a nice home,  a reliable car,  some financial security,  great food, etc.  You all could make your own list,  I am sure.  And then you realize how unimportant all that really is.  When you are in that place where it can all slip away,  when this life could be coming to it’s natural end!  Then It is just you and God!   All the rest is temporary and passes away.  The only thing that remains from this life is your relationship with the creator through Jesus.

I have many thoughts on ministry and serving the Lord with my remaining time here on planet earth,  but I know they will either get done or not get done,  according to God’s will,  and His plan will come to pass regardless.  All I can do is be willing and follow His lead.

I look out at the events taking place on the world stage today in awe at how prophecy is being fulfilled at a quickening pace.  I am also in awe at the accuracy of scripture and my heart cries for those who are blinded to the truth of the Gospel, and who are choosing destruction and eternal damnation.  YES,  I said “eternal damnation“!  Too many pastors don’t talk about that anymore, which is very sad!

I understand Paul’s statement about wanting to remain here in this world,  and yet wanting to be with the Lord in Heaven even more.  I get the sadness people have about leaving loved ones and everything they took comfort in here, and being torn about departing.  It is a bag of mixed emotions!  Emotions that are God given I might add!

Please don’t misunderstand.  I am not being negative or depressive.   I fully believe that I will recover shortly and be back doing what I do,  God willing,  and am not planning on leaving this world just yet!  I just wanted to share what God has shown me, and about which I have been reflecting and thinking about,  which perhaps will make me a better servant.  Perhaps you as well!

While in the hospital,  I wrote a tract that I believe clearly explains the Gospel,  church,  religion and all the other confusion that today is called “religion“,  in simple,  clear,  non-theological terms that I hope will encourage people to consider the truth and look to Jesus,  putting all the man-made rules,  regulations and traditions aside.  I still have more work to do on it as well as the graphics.  Once it is done,  I will offer it free to anyone who wants it to help lead people to Jesus.

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas as we remember the time when the God of Heaven took upon himself human flesh,  and came into this works as a babe,  to grow up,  suffer and die,  to make a final atonement for the sins of all who would believe and follow Him!

Pastor Ron