Revival is Needed

Theologians and Bible scholars all seem to agree that in the day’s before the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to planet earth, there will be a global revival in the midst of strong persecution. This was one of the signs that Jesus told us to look for in Matthew 24:14 Christians in America have been waiting for that revival to start here. It has not! Could it be that America is under judgement from God because of it’s sin? Because of abortion, our acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle and our removing God from society?

But revival has started in many places around the globe. Places like Pakistan, India, Africa and other countries. Countries that are mostly Muslim and are enemies of Israel, the God of Israel, and especially Christians. Many thousands of Muslims are coming to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ every day, and are risking their lives proudly proclaiming the Gospel to those in towns and villages everywhere. This is nothing short of a miracle!

Many are alienated from family and community because of their new found faith, but willingly risk their lives being on the front lines of this amazing revival that hopefully will spread around the world. All the pieces of the prophetic puzzle are neatly fitting together in these “Last Day’s”, and this revival is a major piece of that puzzle.

The media, of course, does not report things like this! Most America Christians are not aware of how God is moving around the world. Please help spread the word but letting fellow Christians and churches know about this website, and the dire need for support for these brave Bothers & Sisters in these countries.


Can They Count On You?