The Shootings In Texas

I decided to start writing this blog because my posts to Facebook appear to be censored whenever I post things or videos that are about the faith.  I hope to be able to share what God puts upon my heart here,  about currents events in light of scripture and Bible prophecy.

My heart is grieved by the mass shooting and killing this past weekend at a small Baptist church in Texas.  As I am sure you are aware,  some 27 people were killed and 20+ more wounded.  These were Believers coming together to worship the Lord,  and the gunman was reported to be someone who was once part of them.

For a few years now,  I have been posting that “when you remove God from society,  evil fills the void”.  This tragic event just underscores that truth.  This and all the other recent mass killings and terrorist acts are nothing short of satanic evil that is the result of society removing the knowledge and influence of God from our midst.  This is not something that just gradually happened.  It has been well planned out.

I believe it all started back in the 1950’s,  when the Secular Humanist Movement gained traction.  It started waging war to remove God from public awareness,  and was the beginning of “political correctness“,  although that term was not yet coined.

They started by removing prayer from schools,  followed by repealing the “Blue Laws” that required stores to be closed on Sunday.  Sunday was a day set aside for rest,  family and God at that time.  Soon to come was legalizing abortion and making it “acceptable” in society.  Then there was legalizing homosexial marriage and deming that acceptable,  norman and just another lifestyle.  In between we have the feminist movement which was the beginning of the destruction of the family unit.  The list goes on…

Where was the church while all this have been taking place?  Nowhere to be found.  Utter silence.  Statistics say there are about 280 million people who claim to be “Christian” in America.  With numbers like that,  it should be impossible for these things to be accepted in society.  The truth is,  the majority of those who claim to be  Bible Believing,  Born-Again Christians,  are anything but.  They are impostors.  The “goats” that Jesus spoke about in the parable of the “Goats and the Sheep“.  True Believers are the vast minority,  just like Jesus said they would be,  and the events that we are seeing today are the things Jesus said would happen just before His return.  He said the “Last Days” would be as the “days of Sodom”.

These are truly prophetic times we are living in and what we are seeing is just the beginning of what will come.  I want to encourage you to get your priorities straight,  be about the Father’s business,  be in the Word of God and assemble together with only true Believers as we see the day approaching.  Time is short.

Pastor Ron