Tree of Life Fellowship – Pakistan

Pastor Sikander – Location: Kabirwala

Tree of Life Fellowship – Pakistan, is an extension of Tree of Life Outreach, and Pastor Sikander Shahzad is our representative in Pakistan.
His phone number is: 00923037393100

Pastor Sikander is also an evangelist and spends most of his time traveling to local towns and villages, preaching the Word of God to many Muslim’s who are uneducated, and have never heard of Jesus or the Bible. As the result of his ministry, many are coming to faith and in need of Bibles. He is also looking for a suitable and affordable place to start a Children’s School where Christian children can attend free, learn about Jesus as get a basic education. Christian children are persecuted in Muslim school and often deprived of an education, food and even drinking water.

They have just recently started conducting baptism for new Believers. Finding a source of water to do them in is a challenge. There is a local Muslim owned pool, but there is a cost to use it. The did find a small, stone well and baptised 15 last week

A parcel of land has been donated to his ministry and there are plans to build a church on the land. The property has been registered and plans for the building drawn up, and they are praying and trusting God for the funds to make this church a reality!

Here in America, we don’t comprehend the conditions these Brothers & Sisters live in and the risk they take spreading Jesus to their areas. They are willing to do the work and take that risk, but they need help from the Body of Christ here in America

Activities With Tree of Life Outreach:
Weekly Bible Study, Friday Morning, 9:00 AM
Tree of Life Christian School
Tree of Life Fellowship – Pakistan

Current Needs:
Christian children in Pakistan cannot get an education because of persecution and poverty, so they seek to establish a small school to provide a basic education and training in the Word of God.

To do so, they need $305.00 monthly to maintain the school.

If you would like to sponsor one or more of these items, the monthly maintenance or make a one-time donation to them, please send your check to: Tree of Life, 88 Florida Ave., Commack, NY 11725 – marked “For Tree of Life Pakistan”